10 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Study Smartly

10 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Study Smartly

The study is the very important face of our life, which never ends, from kid to teenager, college guy, employee, employer, businessman, any area or sector, in each stage of life we have to study always. so our basics are strong then problem always less because it creates our personality that in which way we face each real-life challenge.
We are doing hard work or smart work, If we face any situation then we just let it go, we fight, we transfer out responsibilities, doing partially or unfinished task. In Many cases, it will depend on circumstance but if we have to face it strongly then it becomes our strength.

In this article, we are going to the tell you the way, how to study smart and in an efficient way. Here we are giving you some scientific tips that help you in the study. May that helps you and your kids to become the better learner.

1.Study in Distributed way –

We take a practical example, Suppose you saw a movie and one of your friend ask you to tell the story of the movie.now you start with movie starting and very fast come to end, you escaped the most of middle section of the movie and tell about movie climax.

Do you know why?
                                   It happens because generally when we are in any type of session then our interest is on the peak at its start and end part.In Simple words, we give water to plant each day instead of giving all the water at one time.The same reason is for study when you are doing study continuously without break then the same thing happens.

So Don’t study continuously for 10 hours instead take a break always.Just Divide the study into 3 parts, distributed learning and spacing effect always give increased performance.

According to science When you take a break then and resume study again then you will forget some points.To learn that, you have to recall those points again, which make those point stored permanently in our mind.


2.Don’t study in an aimless way, Choose one topic and start exploring it because when we think and try to cover all the topics simultaneously then our mind got confused and not able to concentrate due to this you can lose your interest to study for that time so always first decide the topic then start the study.

3.Learn and Teach –
According to the study when we prepare any topic is just for writing in the exam then you may miss further knowledge associated with that topic.

                      To test this we divided the students into two groups and give one topic to both groups while to one group we said that you have to give a test on this topic at tomorrow and to other groups, we mentioned to the other group that you all need to explain the topic to other students at tomorrow.

                               As a result, we found that ,The group which is going to explain the topic are well prepared and have a very clear understanding about the topic because when you are expecting to learn any topic to others then firstly you have to clear all the concepts in your mind and learn accordingly in depth and in proper and managed way.

              So always test your self and teach and discuss the topics with others in this process you always learn new things each time and automatically the subject will be going more clear each time.

4. Illusion
We all faced this many times in exams when the question appears in exams you suddenly forget the answer.

        Because You got an illusion that this topic is clear in your mind but the reality is different. When we study than many times, we see some topics and we feel illusion that we know this and then we omit that part and come to next chapter and when that question actually comes in the exam then you cant remember the answer.
                                          So untested fluency is always an illusion, when the topic is in front of your eyes it gives the illusion. So after learning 3 times test yourself .Close your book and recall those answer. now you finally got the actuality. So always do test yourself.


5. Study with nap –
As per the study in most of the cases when you take a nap after study then the information which is in your subconscious mind are transferred permanently to your mind.


6. Sleep Time – 

‘6’hours sleep is necessary for improved performance. You can sleep anytime as you feel comfortable either or day /night.in some cases we found, Sometime when you study some topic and go to sleep then that particular topic flows in your subconscious mind, that helps in discovering innovative ideas.
                         You can feel it in your normal daily life when you think about the particular topic or thing/ problem and then go to sleep then your subconscious mind will working to find the solution or innovative ideas about that topic.
Sometimes unfinished topics are more clear and permanently stored in our mind even after exams.

7. Avoid Time Wasters
Don’t listen to music during the study.

8. When you get stuck on one topic –
                          As per the study many students waste their full time to learn one topic .they invest their full time to highlight one topic because of this repetition important points might be ignored and it increases lake of interest in the study. Take a break and start again with the fresh mind.



Prepare Study Plan –
Make a Study Plan and manage it on the daily basis.Do more Practice.

10. Changes are good-
      Manage all the study material in one place but don’t force your self to study at that particular place always. Study wherever you feel comfortable.