15 August Independence Day Of India

15 August Independence Day Of India

As we all know India’s Independence day coming soon on 15th August, so we would like to say thank-you to our Great army, leaders , businessman, home makers ,  doctors , policeman , all service sector employees and all the Indians who participate in India’s growth and security in any form. Independence day is very special day for all Indians. After so many struggles we achieved this independence.

What is Independence day , Why it is celebrated on 15th August ?

Indians received independence from British rule On August 15, 1947.On this day the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, hoisted the Indian National Flag on the Red Fort in Delhi .After so many years of independence struggle by all Indians we achieved our Independence. This is the national festival of India.

 How do we celebrate Independence Day in India ?

This day is celebrated throughout India with flag hoisting ceremonies, parades and cultural events. Indians celebrate this festival by displaying a national flag on their costume, luggage, houses and vehicles and watch patriotic films with family and friends, listen patriotic songs.

            Now these days some people forget all the Sacrifice done by our great soldiers , Who Sacrifice their Life for our country benefits. we are aware of our rights but are we really committed to our country , are we fulfilling our duties towards nation. Think and and ask yourself and do action. We always discuss on our history but if you want to be the part of it then you should involve yourself in this duties. Today itself is history of tomorrow. 

Independence day resolutions :-

Now lets discuss What little things we can do with our jobs and house responsibility.

1.  You can buy Indian products to provide your contribution to Indian economy.

2.  As we all Know clean India mission is going on. we should always try to make space clean not only our nearby places but also during travelling.

3.You should Protect our natural resources ,atleast we make sure that we will not throw any garbage in river/lakes/sea or any other water sources while touring

4. Follow Traffic Rules.

5.  Pay your Income Tax.

6.  Adapt the poor child if not possible Help the child , provide your contribution to their education.

7.  Be great parents to teach your children to love our nation.

8.  Donate blood , It means a lot for needed people.

9.  Coordinate on collecting funds for our police and defense forces.

10. Respect our Army Soldiers , police and defense forces they are sacrificing their life at border for our safety so that we can enjoy our life peacefully.

11. Save nature and don’t harm any historical property

12. Last but not the least SAVE WATER.

Do you agree with the content.I hope It will make difference. You will definitely try to fulfill our moral duties.