Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallets

Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallets

In the earlier post, we have got a clear idea about the Cryptocurrency basic concept and digital wallet types. Now we will check out the famous Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallets (Hot Wallets).

Bread Wallets –

Simplicity is the core design Principal of bread wallet.Bread wallet is designed to protect you from malware and browser security issues and even physical theft.This wallet available for iPhone and Android. You can download it from Google Play store.Bread is on the path to becoming the largest decentralized financial institution in the world.By using bread wallet Trading may be the easiest experience for the users.

    Pros – Good Privacy, Beginner Friendly, Simple and clean OpenSource software (free)
   Cons – No Web or desktop interface

Mycelium (iOS & Android)

Mycelium is one of those tried and true wallets.a large number of users tested this wallet. Although they found some bugs with the iOS app in a recent release, Mycelium wallet is highly-rated for both Android and desktop.

    Pros – Good Privacy, Advanced Security, Features Rich, OpenSource Software (free) available
    Cons – No Web or desktop interface, not for beginners

 cyrptocurrencyJaxx – 
This mobile wallet with multiple features. It supports many types of cryptocurrency like bitcoin, bigcoin, Ethereum and many more.It has a great user interface.This wallet is the best choice of cryptocurrency trader.

    Pros – Good Privacy, Security, Multi-currency Wallet linking across multiple platforms, Great user support, Features rich, User-Friendly
   Cons – Code is not opensource, can be slow to load


Enjin Coin –
 Another Mobile wallet with the high level of security like hardware wallet with a great user interface.It supports many types of digital currency like BTC, ETH, LTC, ENJ etc & More coins will be added soon such as XRP, BCH and many more.

   Pros – Simple and fast, Great security, Recover data easily in case of lost mobile, Support multi-currency, Opensource (free)