Game of Thrones List Of All Episodes

Game of Thrones List Of All Episodes

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Game of Thrones

About -: Game of Thrones is television series having much drama and fantasy. This drama series made by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.It is based on novel named as “A Song of Ice” and “FIRE”.

Telecast on -: HBO
Total Seasons – 7 (Each season had 10 episodes except season 7 that have 7 episodes)
Total Episodes – 62

Story Location in series -: This drama series takes place on the imaginary continents of Westeros and Essos and chronicles.

Concept -: The story of Game of Thrones (GOT)is the story of the struggle for the empire i.e. Iron Throne. The Fight happens between noble families as they want their control on Iron Throne of seven kingdoms. There are many characters in the story, there are many states and many deceptions.

To Understand the story we should know some of its facts –

Kings Landing – It is the place where king resides and it is the capital of seven territories.

Understand the Westeros -:

Westeros is really a great empire that happens 7 different big monarchs. These royals are Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Martell, and Tyrell. Besides this, there are also families from Arryn and Tully.

The Targaryen kings ruled around the complete Westeros, defeating the remaining 5 territories and add the relationship of marriage to the Dorn State as a deal. Later Robert Bartonthon captured Iron Throne with the assistance of Ned Stark. Robert Bartonthon give the “king’s hand” designation to Ned Stark,
King’s hand is most powerful designation after the king.
The last Tigreyan king was killed by his own bodyguard, Jamie Lannister (Kingsleyer). The whole Tigreyan family is killed except for two of King’s children.
Many big or small monarchs tried to rule on kings landing but some of them defeated and few got success.

The Wall
At the north edge of Westeros, there is a huge snow wall. This wall is referred as “THE WALL”.

Wildlings – There are forests across “The wall” where wild tribal species referred as “Wildlings” live. Wildlings are those people they don’t like to live under the king rules and regulations. Their standard of living is very different from Westeros people.

Night’s Watch – The huge snow wall i.e THE WALL is protected by an army referred as “Night’s Watch”. Night watch is a small group of warriors who remain unmarried and whose purpose is to protect the wall only. They’re also called Black Brothers or Crows. John Snow is the leader of this watch.

White walkers – At the beginning of the overall series, white walkers come in this forest. “White walkers ” are the creatures with amazing powers and they can’t be easily killed. They could be killed only with a unique n special sword. Wildlings are also afraid of white walkers as they if white walker kills them then they also become the white walker.

Children of the forest – In these forests there are also children of the forest, which are the centuries old native population of Westeros. They also have magical powers.

Apart From Westeros – There are many independent cities on the east side of Westeros, many of them run slavish practices. After the death of last Targaryen King, his alive children Daenerys Targaryen and viserys Targaryen were present here. After winning these cities, Daenerys has created a large army of slaves and others, and with whom he is returning to win Westeros.

Daenerys Targaryen: She is the daughter of the last Tigrean King who escaped life and escaped to Pantos city of Essos. Her wedding was accompanied by horse-skinned Khaleesi i.e. Header Drogo. She has three dragons as gifts.


Daenery Targaryen
Daenery Targaryen

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John Snow:  John Snow is the leader of Night Watch group and the illegitimate child of Lord Ned Stark of Winterfall, He permitted wildlings to enter the Westeros to protect them from white walkers, due to this few of his colleagues killed him as they are angry with him. Nevertheless, the magician Melisandre of Asshai (The Red Women) gave her life again.
John Snow is not the illegitimate child of Ned Stark, but the final Tigerian is the son of King Riger and Ned’s sister, which is hidded in the truth. This issue has already been revealed in the sixth season.


John Snow
John Snow

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Tyrion Lannister : Tyrion Lannister also teased by the name of ‘Imp’ due to his short height. he is younger boy of Tyrion lannister and younger brother of Cersei-Jaime. Tyrians are noted for their sharp minds. He later murders his father Tywin lannister and runs away to Essos. Here he meets Daenerys and he is returning to Westeros with him.


Tyrion Lannister

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Cersei Lannister: – Empress of Westeros. After Robert’s death, two sons of Cersei became kings, but after the death of both, Cersei now took over the rule. Interestingly, the three children of Cersei were not from her husband, Robert, but her boyfriend and brother Jamie.


Cersei lannister
Cersei Lannister

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Arya Stark : – Ned Stark’s youngest daughter, Arya , escapes after his dad Ned killed. She is currently an educated killer who is able to experience anyone. He’s on the mission to kill the murders of his father and brother.


Arya Stark
Arya Stark

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Winter is coming: – This means there will be tough days are coming so they should ready for them. At Westeros, the summer last for very long periods and in addition to when it comes to cool that may last for years. WhiteWalkers are more active in the winter season.Therefore, the difficulty increases on the boundary. The battle of the royal family is already underway in the rest of the border.

Now you are ready to watch the seasons of GOT.

PLease see the below season details.
SEASON 1, Year 2011

Episode No Title
1 Winter Is Coming
2 The Kingsroad
3 Lord Snow
4 Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things
5 The Wolf and the Lion
6 A Golden Crown
7 You Win or You Die
8 The Pointy End
9 Baelor
10 Fire and Blood

SEASON 2 , Year 2012

Episode No Title
1 The North Remembers
2 The Night Lands
3 What Is Dead May Never Die
4 Garden of Bones
5 The Ghost of Harrenhal
6 The Old Gods and the New
7 A Man Without Honor
8 The Prince of Winterfell
9 Blackwater
10  Valar Morghulis

SEASON 3 , Year 2013

Episode No Title
1 Valar Dohaeris
2 Dark Wings, Dark Words
3 Walk of Punishment
4 And Now His Watch Is Ended
5 Kissed by Fire
6 The Climb
7 The Bear and the Maiden Fair
8 Second Sons
9 The Rains of Castamere
10 Mhysa

SEASON 4 , Year 2014

Episode No Title
1 Two Swords
2 The Lion and the Rose
3 Breaker of Chains
4 Oathkeeper
5 First of His Name
6 The Laws of Gods and Men
7 Mockingbird
8 The Mountain and the Viper
9 The Watchers on the Wall
10 The Children

SEASON 5 , Year 2015

Episode No Title
1 The Wars to Come
2 The House of Black and White
3 High Sparrow
4 Sons of the Harpy
5 Kill the Boy
6 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
7 The Gift
8 Hardhome
9 The Dance of Dragons
10 Mother’s Mercy

SEASON 6 , Year 2016

Episode No Title
1 The Red Woman
2 Home
3 Oathbreaker
4 Book of the Stranger
5 The Door
6 Blood of My Blood
7 The Broken Man
8 No One
9 Battle of the Bastards
10 The Winds of Winter

SEASON 7 , Year 2017 , Episodes 7

Episode No Title
1 Dragonstone
2 Stormborn
3 The Queen’s Justice

The remain 4 seasons to be be announced early.