Highest Paying Jobs in IT

Highest Paying Job in IT

Getting a good and high salaried job is not easy in these days because Competition is very high in all sectors.If you have great analytic and logical skill and you love the programming and then It industry is perfect for you.
We have compared many jobs and after this, we got some nice details about the high Package jobs. We are going to share some details with you about the Hot IT Jobs Which provide very High Packages. We also give tell about the roles and responsibility on this jobs so that you can prepare your self and achieve a good job with High Salary package.


  1.  Develop Engineer –       ( Approx Package –  $101,000)
    The Develop Engineer is one of the technical roles that offer qualified professionals.The Develop engineer role is to maintain the collaborative atmosphere between development and operations professionals in an organization.
    Technical specifications –
    Linux / Unix Administration
    Programming and scripting in platform like PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby
    Opensource Tools knowledge
    Experience with –
    System and manage IT operations, Configuration management, Automation, Shell Scripting, Collaboration open communication, Problem-solving and debugging skills, Attention to details.
  2. Data Scientist –       (Approx Package – $108,000)
    The Data Scientist deals with nuts and bolts of setting up the required infrastructure needed to capture and analyze data.He/she also be responsible for making data readable to the top management.Technical specifications –
    DataMining Method processing, Cleansing and verifying of data, Great Communication Skills.
    Experience with –
    Statistical Programming language or python, Database query language SQL, MongoDB, Linear Algebra.
  3. Software Architect –    ( Approx Package – $115,000)
    The Software Architect is tasked with creating development strategies for the creation of either web-based or mobile application. This is also a senior position.
    Technical specifications –
    Knowledge of various software architecture, Resolve technical Problems, Technical competent, Strong Communication, knowledge of core components.
    Experience with – Knowledge of various frameworks, Guide and navigate project to the high level.
  4.  Application Development Manager –    ( Approx Package – $128,000)
    Develop an application development strategy and managing the entire lifecycle of the project is the responsibility of an application development manager.
    Technical specifications – Knowledge of domain, Development cycle, Automation process, Quality Assurance, Release Management.
    Experience with – Managing Relationships, Project Planning, Process Control, Negotiation Skills, Presentation skills, Vendor Management Skills, Team Staffing, Administrative functions, Problem Solving and decision making.
  5.  IT Project Manager –          ( Approx Package – $105,000)it_managerThe IT Project Manager is an important role in any firm that deals with the development of tech-based solutions. Their job is centered on monitoring and managing the life cycle of an IT Project.
    Maintain the software development team and the entire development process fall under the jurisdiction of Project Manager.
  6.  Ux Manager – ( Approx Package – $98,000)
    The experienced user get when making use of mobile application/website or online platform is determined by work of user interface. They are responsible for the managing the front end portal.The Ux manager is responsible for managing entire design process while ensuring it works smoothly for an end user.
  7. Java Developer – ( Approx Package – $96,500)
    Technical Specification – Programming, Oops Concept design pattern, Data structure, Internal of JVM, MultiThreading Synchronization.
    Domain Knowledge in network / Multimedia / Automobile / Finance etc.
    Junit Testing, Debugging
    Source control system (GIT, SVN, CVS) etc.
    Database programming SQL etc.
  8. Mobile Developer – ( Approx Package – $96,000)
    Technical Specification – Cross Platform development in IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, UX /UI Design skills, Programming skills in JAVA, Object C/swift, HTML 5, PHP, C etc.
    Knowledge of cross Platform development Tools.
  9. Software Developer – ( Approx Package – $98,000)
    Technical Specification –
    Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap
    Programming Skills – C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP
    Knowledge of Source control system (GIT, SVN, CVS) etc.
    Debugging, Problem-solving, testing Skills, Attention to details.
    Database Knowledge of MySQL, MongoDB etc.
  10.  Front End Developer – ( Approx Package – $96,000)Web-designTechnical Specification –
    Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap, Node JS, Browser Development Tools (Firefox/Chrome)
    Front End Frameworks, Restful services, and API, Testing, and Debugging.
  11. Database Administrator – ( Approx Package – $87,000)
    Technical Specification –
    Database security upgrades, Install Deployment Strategies, Failure Protections.
  12. Dotnet Developer – ( Approx Package – $85,000)
    Technical Specification –
    Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap
    Programming in ASP.NET, Dotnet, Client-side web development technologies, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
    Working knowledge of database, SQL, Oracle, Mongo DB, NoSQL etc.