How To Reduce Weight Easily

How To Reduce Weight Easily

Easy Tips for Reducing Obesity

One of the most serious and prolonged chronic diseases in today’s time is obesity. The more hard work it takes to get rid of it as easily as obesity happens. The biggest symptom of obesity is the fat on the body, starting from the stomach, the fat slowly spreads over the whole body. Obesity is not related to age at all, from small children to the elderly, this disease can happen to anyone.

 The biggest cause of obesity being the unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, irregular volume of eating, engagement, fatty food, sodium and sugar. All of them are inviting the problem of obesity as well, as well as obesity, along with type 2 diabetes, joint pain and high blood pressure diseases. Apart from all this, the confidence of obese person is less compared to others. As the disease is prevention deemed important in the same way that daily some rules routine should be regular follow can be avoided obesity and Easy tips to fight obesity –

  • Start the day with lemon juice

Drink half lemon juice mixed with warm water every morning in a warm water. By consuming daily you will get rid of excess fat in the body.

  •  Exercise is important

Exercise every morning to keep the body active and energized. Doing any activity makes your body weak and fat.

  • Apple and papaya are natural fat cutter 

Do not improve your health by fruits, but there are some fruits that work to cut the fat of your body, and perhaps you can not find any easier way than this, so eat apples and papaya every day and take away obesity.

  • Do not Skip Breakfast

Never miss breakfast in the morning, because of not having breakfast, lunch is eaten more and more, whereas little food is more beneficial throughout the day. Eat chana, moong, soya bean, porridge in breakfast, which will give you plenty of nutritious ingredients and which will not cause obesity.

  • Get 1 hour walk everyday .

Sitting throughout the day makes it easier for the body to collect extra fat so try to walk as much as possible. At least one hour of travel all day can keep you healthy and fit. The use of stairs instead of the elevator is your first stop in this action.

  • Cook your meal yourself

Instead of eating out you cook your own food yourself. What is the food served in the restaurant or the hotel, which is cooked in the oil and when it is cooked, you do not know about it, but if you cook the food for yourself at home, then use a lot of oil, fruits, fresh vegetables, etc. for yourself. You can.

  • Too much physical activity.

In addition to walking, you can do some sports such as football, cricket, swimming, skipping etc. Besides, cleaning the house like broom, siting, tailoring, gardening etc. activities also make your weight loss mission successful. You can.

  • Say no to sweet

Sweet is not just about sweet, but from every food item in which sugar is used in some form like chocolates, candy, cold drinks, flavored curd, canned soup, sauce or catchip, which are available in bottles. Juice etc. To reduce obesity you have to stop eating all these things, check the amount of sugar in it, when buying any stuff.

  • Increase digestion power

According to Ayurveda, the problem of overweight is less than the imbalance of vata, bile and cough defects. Add foods to your food that increase digestion like ginger, papaya, mango, pineapple, and bitter melon.

* Diet Regular

Adopt regular diet and balanced lifestyle. Drink hot throughout the day to improve digestion, keep ginger tea twice a day, and fast one day a week.

  • These are the spices.

Use herbs and spices to add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, red chilies and black peppers in your diet. Regular exercise, yoga, meditation, and pranayam or breathing exercises.

You can reduce weight by including correct vegetables in your diet

Weight loss vegetables are here :-

Gourd -:

Gourd gourd has a low calorie intake as well as plenty of abundant filament and water which keep the hunger in control. It is advisable to start your day with a glass of gourd juice. This will give the fiber to the body and calories will be less. Gourd juice should not be filtered. Fiber reduces the amount of filtration.

Broccoli -:

Broccoli Broccoli is not fat at all. It is rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrate. It gets digested quickly. Vitamin E calcium, iron, magnesium etc. are found in it. This vegetable is helpful in reducing obesity.

Pumpkin -:

Pumpkin vegetables seem to have some sweet taste. In the morning, drinking juice is beneficial. Carotene is found inside it which is helpful in reducing obesity. Pumpkin is also recommended as a salad. Pumpkin vegetables, juice and salad have special significance for weight loss.

Cucumber -:

Cucumber cucumber is full of food, which reduces hunger. It contains the qualities of pumpkin. It contains ninety percent water. Use it as a salad with food . Fiber and nutritious elements are found in its peels.

bitter gourd -:

Bitter gourd is bitter in taste, but it has many medicinal properties. It burns fat located in the body. Reduces fat. Controls blood sugar in the body. The bitter gourd is nectar stuff for honeybees.