Indian Railway launches ‘Pay On Delivery’ Tatkal Ticket

Indian Railway launches ‘Pay On Delivery’ Tatkal Ticket

IRCTC has launched ‘Pay-On-Delivery‘ service for online ticket booking. After this service, users will also get the home delivery option of instant tickets.

Money can be paid by cash, debit or credit card after ticket booking from this service. According to IRCTC, the new service will also remove the problems in payment during the immediate booking.

IRCTC had earlier introduced home delivery service for normal reserve tickets from May. IRCTC is booking 1 lakh 30 thousand tickets per day. Most of these tickets are booked in a few minutes after the booking starts immediately.

According to the News Agency, Anduril Technologies Pvt Ltd announced the new service on August 2, 2017. This company is a service provider to IRCTC.

Benefits of Pay-On Delivery

Presently payment for railway ticket booking is done through the standard online payment gateway. This process is delayed and users can not get a confirmed ticket book.

The use of the gateway in ‘Pay-On-Delivery‘ service will not be required. Users will be able to book in few seconds.

Millions of railway passengers will be benefited from pay-on delivery for immediate tickets.

an objective-

Anurag Bajpai, CEO of Anduril Technologies, IRCTC, wants to encourage consumers who want to book online rather than buy tickets from Reservation Counter.

Home Delivery of Ordinary Reserved Stamps-

‘Pay-on delivery’ service was started by IRCTC on 10th May 2017, with normal reservations for reservations.

For this, the railway rules were set, whereby the users would have to give an extra charge for home delivery.

For the delivery of less than 5000 for the home delivery charge, there was a provision of 90 rupees + sales tax and 120 rupees + sales tax for more.

In the event of fraud by the consumer, strict action has been taken against him.

In the case of canceling tickets before ticket delivery or refusing to accept tickets at home, the user will have to pay both the cancellation and delivery charge of the ticket.

In order to take advantage of the home delivery service, the user has to register at through his PAN or Aadhaar number.

After that, at least 5 days before the journey, the ticket has to be booked through IRCTC’s website or app.