Indigestion Causes, Symptoms, Diet And Treatments With Remedies

Indigestion Causes, Symptoms, Diet And Treatments With Remedies

Cause   Indigestion disease is caused by not working properly on stomach or intestines. Due to this disease, the patient does not eat food and drink and it starts souring . Indigestion disease is normal or too much, it causes the many diseases of the stomach and intestines. In order to avoid many diseases of stomach and intestines, a patient should be treated with the urgent treatment of indigestion, otherwise, this disease can lead to other diseases such as dizziness, dizziness, vomiting, burning in the heart, Pain in the stomach and torsion, acids, mouth ulcers, gum bleeding etc. If this disease is very high then the patient may have diarrhea or constipation. If the cause of this disease is known then the symptoms of the disease can be treated. Even if the cause of this disease is not known, this disease can be treated with natural medicine. The connection to this disease is directly related to our eating habits and dietary habits. If we improve our eating habits and eating habits, then this disease gets cured soon.

Symptoms of Indigestion Disease: –

  1. The patient suffering from dyspepsia does not feel hungry and his mouth comes out without food digested. The sufferer who is suffering from this disease starts to sweat and starts scolding and does not feel like eating anything.
  2. The patient begins to feel irritation in the throat and heart of the patient, and his breath starts to smell and gas becomes in the stomach.
  3. If the patient suffering from this disease consumes a little bit of food than his stomach becomes heavy and pain in the stomach and chest.
  4. Patients suffering from this disease are sometimes prone to vomiting and the moles on their tongue accumulate. The patient suffering from this disease also begins to suffer constipation and when the condition of this disease becomes more serious then he gets diarrhea-like diseases.
  5. Due to this disease, there are many other diseases increase in the patient, they are: – Swelling in the intestines, diseases of the liver, appendicitis, swelling in large intestines, intestinal wounds and kidney diseases etc.
  6. The reason for being indigested: – According to natural medicine, indigestion disease occurs to the person who eats more than his hunger, cooks quickly and does not eat food properly.
  7. Due to not eating food at the right time ie there is no fixed time to eat food, there is also indigestion disease. This disease is also caused due to eating food in a wrong way and eating food frequently and eating stress.
  8. There is also indigestion disease due to mental distress and emotional distress during eating. This disease can also be caused due to constipation.
  9. Due to excessive cigarette smoking, this disease is also caused. When the enzymes that digest food quickly in the body decrease, the person gets the disease.
  10. Indigestion is due to the use of many types of heavy (heavy and contaminated food), oily food, stale and rotten food in the food.
  11. Indigestion disease is also done to those people who are involved in work immediately after eating.
  12. People with fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger, stress, this disease quickly gets it.
  13. Drinking as well as drinking water, consuming more tea, consuming more coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol etc. also leads to indigestion.
  14. Due to excessive smoking, eating at the right time and not working, there may be indigestion. This disease is also caused due to frequent eating without eating food.

Treatment of natural medicine with the person suffering from indigestion disease: –

  1. To correct the patient’s indigestion disease according to natural medicine, firstly, the reasons for this should be removed. After this, the patient should take fasting for 1 to 3 days after drinking coconut (coconut water, orange, pineapple, pomegranate, lemonade and many kinds of fruit juice). After this, the patient should consume the fruit for a few days and after that normal food should be taken. As a result, this disease gets cured.
  2. The patient should not use chilli-spices, fried food, sweets, sugar, flour etc. in the food, then the indigestible disease can be completely cured.
  3. The patient suffering from this disease should not take frequent food but should make time to eat and should eat accordingly. The patient should eat the food as much as he is hungry. Never eat more food than hunger. After taking the food, the patient should eat the soup and immediately urinate and then sit on the vigor. This gives a lot of benefit to the patient.
  4. The patient should grind leaves of basil leaves or mint leaves and drink in the water to increase their digestibility.
  5. To cure the patient’s disease, wet soil should be wet on the stomach and an enema should be done with lukewarm water.
    After this, the patient should be cautious. Then the patient should perform kinjal verb and burning work. As a result, this disease gets cured soon.
  6.  According to natural medicine, many types of rugs can be used to cure this disease and


These asanas are as follows:

  • Ardhamatsyadrasan
  • Uthanapadasan
  • Sutta Pawanmuktasan Yogamruprasan
  • Universal Chakrasan
  • Vajrasana
  • Shavasan
  • Bhujanganan
    These all these yogic actions by doing so, the patient’s cure is cured, and besides doing yoga mudra, Kapalbhati, Lola Anloam, Ujjayi Pranayam,

   Solutions -:

  1. The patient suffering from indigestion disease should drink more quantity of water, which results in the recovery of this disease within a few days.
  2.  Fatty foods, coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking and high protein food items should not be consumed before taking the treatment of the patient.
  3. The patient suffering from this disease should be hot and cold in his stomach. As a result, stomach aches and gas stops and the disease gets cured.
  4.  To repair indigestion, the gastro-hepatic wrap should be used, which results in pain relief and this patient gets relief from this disease.
  5.  To improve blood circulation in the stomach contents, soil cloth should be used. As a result, blood circulation improves and the patient suffering from this disease gets much relief.
  6.  The patient suffering from indigestion disease should be wrapped in cold on the stomach for at least 40 to 60 minutes per day. As a result, the patient gets very comfort and heals the disease.
  7.  The patient suffering from this disease should lie on the stomach and should practice Pavan Muktasan. As a result, the patient gets much more comfort.
  8.  The patient suffering from this disease should first drink water in lemon juice first and drink it at least 3-4 times a day and fasting for at least 3 days and should be katisanan. Along with that, the patient should do an enema with water to clean his stomach so that this disease can be cured soon. Information: In this way, if treatment of indigestion with natural medicine is done then in a few days the disease is cured.