Jeff Bezos Is No Longer The World’s Richest Person

Jeff Bezos Is No Longer The World’s Richest Person In The World

Founder Of “Jeff Bezos” now no longer World’s Richest Man on September 28, 2017.

Amazon shared increase 1.3 percent to $ 1,065.92 on the New York Stock Exchange. After that on September 27, 2017, Jeff Bezos was declared as world’s richest man due to the rise in shares of his company but now he comes again in second place at the time of market close. Microsoft founder Bill Gates again on first place. The reason behind it is ” Amazon shares go down about 3% in after-hours trading on Thursday, this fall of the stock reaches Bezos to second place. The Lake in profit is due to the aggressive investment of Amazon for expanding their business.”

Bill Gates

Important Facts :-

  1. Among those that produce the Forbes list is Facebook founder Tag Zuckerberg, whose assets are about the US $ 72.9 billion.
  2.  Nearly all of Bezos’s assets are in the Amazon, while he’s also who owns Blue Origin spaceflight Company and the ‘ Washington Post’newspaper.

Personal Life and Business career :-

Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  1. Bezos always shows their interest toward scientific technologies.
  2. As a child, he spent summers working on his grandfather’s ranch in southern Texas.
  3. His family was very rich from the beginning. In Texas, America had 25,000 miles of land in his family name. These were one of the richest individuals in Texas at the time.
  4. In 1982 Bezos had documented his title in the Research Teaching plan at the School of Texas at Large School and received a silver knight here.
  5. Bezos later also became National Merit Scholar. Next, he graduated from the prestigious Princeton University.
  6. Bezos worked in the Computer Research field on Wall Street in 1986, and prepared a digital network for the organization Fittell, looking at global business.
  7. After working in some other company, Bezos began Amazon business in 1994.
  8. Got Times person of the year Title in 1999.
  9. He’s also the owner of Blue Origin spaceflight Company in the year 2000.He purchased ‘Washington Post ‘ newspaper in the year 2013.