NCPCR Issues Updated School Safety Manual

NCPCR Issues Updated School Safety Manual


At today Environment A big problem arises that is kids safety, we are sending our children to school for their bright career, but nowadays even school are not safe for them.Many types of news we are come to know about a school like a child sexual abuse,  Child Murder Case, Teacher Kill Student, Class 7 Student suicide After teachers scold her for the period, bus accidents due to unfitted bus and drivers mistakes and many more.

Nowadays many of schools are taking the higher amount of fees but not providing the services at that level, they are working this job as an only business while there are many schools present which are providing better services.For such accidents who is responsible, School, Parents, society?   Yes, we all are responsible for this, if we complete our duties then we can reduce this problem.

As parents how many of you checked the school bus and ask to school authority for the overloaded bus you just say with others that the bus is overloaded and then let it go. Are you checking the school premises on the regular interval or washroom locations? Even if we see this kind of issues with others kids then only a few people raise their hands else other think that they should mind their own business why we speak on this matter.If you want to change something then ask the responsible persons. You need to take actions against inappropriate things.If you don’t ask, don’t expect the change.

So if we together fulfilling our duties towards humanity for society then it can never happen.
We are sharing some of the safety rules for kids. Please read, think, ask. Your kid’s school is following those rules or not?Stop Bulling



NCPCR issues school safety manual considering the safety of the students in the school premises, the National Child Rights Protection Commission (NCPCR) has prepared a manual for the safety of the students. In this, all the guidelines related to this have been included.

It is notable that after the Gurgaon Pradyuman’s Crime Case, the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Ministry of Women and Child Development urged NCPCR to issue security guidelines for schools.

Specialty of School Safety Manual

• Accordingly, the school building should take all the necessary certificates according to the rules. They include firefighting department and non-availability of chemical substances.
buildings shall be in such a way that proper air circulation and lighting is available with open space all around the building as far as possible.

• Divine children should make necessary changes in class, toilets, restaurants, libraries and playgrounds.
• The school should have alarm systems, centralized announcing system. The CCTV monitoring system should also be checked continuously.
• There should be proper measures to protect the electrical equipment in the classroom and the premises. In the case of the school, the plan to exit the school premises has been properly installed.
• Clear drinking water should be arranged.Many documents including RTE Act, 2009 and MHRD circular to the States talk specifically about toilet standards to be maintained in schools.

Kids Safty at Toilets-

I. Toilets must be located within the school premises

II. There must be separate toilets for girls and boys

III. Separate toilets for children, staff, support staff

IV. There must be separate toilets for visitors

V. Every school needs to maintain number of toilets as per prescribed norms(according to affiliation bylaws of respective board)

VI. Toilets must be kept open for the use by children

VII. Separate toilets, as per the norms, must be available/ accessible for children with disabilities.

VIII. All the toilets preferably need to have running water facility.IX. Availability of soaps etc. for washing hands-should be ensured by the school.

X. All the toilets must have doors for ensuring safety and privacy of children

• There should be separate toilets for boys and girls.• There should be separate toilet blocks for children of three to six years, in which attendant should be, the arrangement of water in all toilets is necessary.
• The chemicals are properly stored in the laboratory lab, the first aid kit is in the right place, the lift is also kept in mind by keeping the children in mind.
• Drivers in the school bus must be trained and their licenses should be correct. The police verification of the staff is necessary.
• All employees should be affirmed that they are never being accused in Poxo.
• All the safety norms should be followed on the school bus.

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