Nutritious Diet Plan During Pregnancy

Diet Plan During Pregnancy

Healthy food diet plan is extremely important for healthy and problem-free pregnancy. The pregnant woman should be careful about what to eat and what she should not eat during her pregnancy. Nine months pregnancy is not easy for many women. During this time the body passes through many changes, but the state of mind also varies, in this case food and drink also have a profound effect on this condition.

Learn the essential nutrients for pregnant women (Nutritious food for pregnant women)

The following diet plan can be followed for your diet during pregnancy:

Vegetable and Fruits

Add different types of vegetables and fruits to rotation ie in the food. Avoid eating the same kind of vegetables and fruits daily. Eat vegetables like trout, gourd, spinach, leaf cabbage, cabbage etc. in pregnancy. Brinjal, papaya, mustard, millet, jaggery produce heat in the body, in such a way, before taking these food items, consult the doctor.

Foods made with flour help reduce the water in the body and increase the gas, so avoid eating bread, pizza, ban etc. Sprout food is much better. Eat fruits like banana, black grapes, dates, apricots, while dried fruits like cashew nuts are also very beneficial.

* Vitamin and Minerals

It is extremely important to have a balanced diet during pregnancy, which can provide the body with complete vitamins and minerals. Pregnant women should definitely have plenty of food serving 3 servings of iron in their daily diet, under which 25 mg iron is included. Apart from this, 1000 to 1400 milligrams of calcium is also extremely important which can be taken from milk, butter and cheese etc.

Vitamin A:- 

The body also needs a lot of vitamin A during pregnancy. Vitamin A can be taken from pumpkin, carrot, sweet pot, apricot etc. However consuming too much vitamin A can damage the womb. Every day 10,000 meats per day is adequate.

Vitamin C: –

Vitamin C is also essential for pregnant women. Must get 70 mg vitamin c, pregnant woman daily. For this, cabbage, sprouts, green chillies, oranges, grapes, strawberries etc. can be included in the daily meals.

* Do not eat in pregnancy (Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy).

– Stay away from the foods kept in the fridge during this time, do not eat stale food.

– Do not use cold drinks, chicken, mutton, cigarette, alcohol, tobacco, pan masala etc.

– Take tea and coffee in limited quantities.

– Do not eat any foods which are likely to be allergic, or heavy in digestion or late digestion.

– Do not even use food made from canned food or flour.

– Avoid fast spices and oily foods.