SpaceX Launches World’s Most Powerful Rocket

SpaceX Launches World’s Most Powerful Rocket

Business tycoon Allen Musk’s legendary American company ‘SPACEX’ has created history by successfully sending the world’s most powerful rocket ‘Faulkon Heavy’ to space on February 07, 2018. This rocket was launched from Florida’s John F. Kennedy Space Center.

This is the first important step towards Musc’s ambitious plan to establish human habitation on Mars. Musk’s car with this rocket has also been sent to the interceptor. This is also the first time that a car has been sent to the interstices. Three cameras have been installed along with the car so that they can capture pictures of space.

The rocket is expected to send people to the moon through this rocket in the future. This is the first time that a private company made such a huge rocket without any government help.
Key facts related to ‘Falcon Heavy’ Rocket:

Falcon Heavy will keep going from earth orbit to Mars’s orbit. After reaching the orbit, its speed will be 11 km/second.

The weight of this rocket is 63.8 tonnes and it is 230 feet long.

The rocket has 27 Marlin engines.

It is designed by combining three rockets named Faulcon 9.

It raises 50 million pounds of thrust on the rise from the ground, which is equal to thrust producing by combining the 18 planes of the Boeing 747 aircraft.

                 Capture SpaceX Lands Rocket at Sea

The rocket can be weighed in space about a million forty thousand pounds.

Saturn-5 was the most powerful rocket so far.Saturn-5 was the most powerful rocket till now, which h
as now stopped using. Saturn-5 had the power to carry 140 tons of payloads. NASA sent many missions to search on the moon with the help of Saturn-5. It was in circulation until the year 1973.