US Navy Tests The World’s First Laser Weapon

US Navy Tests The World’s First Laser Weapon

US Navy tests the world’s first laser weapon system in persian Gulf
The world’s first laser weapon system was successfully tested by the United States. It has been deployed in the persian Gulf to deal with any kind of attack.

This system has been deployed on the USS Ponce Amphibre Transportation Ship. During the trial, the system had targeted precisely the drones flying in the Arabian Gulf and on other targets. In addition, USS Ponce is the first such vessel on which it has a state-of-the-art weapon system installed.

Laser weapon characteristics :-

• This weapon can be aimed at light speed, which is 50 thousand times faster than any intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

• It works on an electromagnetic spectrum so that its beam is not visible.

• This weapon does not even make any noise, which can cause maximum damage to the enemy without any noise at the time of the war.

• The cost of building this weapon system is approximately 40 million dollars.

• Only electricity should be available to run it. This power can be provided with the help of generator at any location. It requires 2-3 people to operate.

• The greatest strength of this weapon is its ability to target various targets. This water, space and air can target anything at any place.

• It was constructed in view of the threat of missile attack from Iran and North Korea.

At present, this aircraft is suitable for flying drones, small aircraft and small boats. It is worth noting that the US Navy had earlier said that the US military will have a quick target weapon soon.